At last we hopefully will be able to move forward with what’s left of this Season

The only game which is still scheduled is for Thursday 2nd September 2021 at Northwood

As yet still awaiting confirmation of this day.

The new Season will start in May 2022, if Covid will allow.

The running programme is as follows:

Thursday 5th May, 2022 - Wyke Green G.C.

Thursday 2nd June, 2022 - Stockley Park G.C. - This is the Tri Mach: Berks V BUCKS V Middlesex

Thursday 23rd June, 2022 - Fulwell G.C.

Thursday 28th July, 2022 - Calcott Park G.C.

Thursday 23rd September, 2022 - Northwood G.C.


The Tri match on 2nd June has to be viable to all the other players from other Provence’s, that’s why it’s at Stockley Park G.C. Just off the M4 at Heathrow,

As you are all well aware the Charity Day has not happened for the last 4 years

There are changes going on within the Society which hopefully we can reintroduce the Charity Day as it has been in the past, as some of you will remember, how very well supported in has been in the past, with some 40 plus players I would like to see that again and I’m sure you would to.

Mark Heyburn, our very patient Treasurer, will be happy to receive your yearly subscriptions, which will make him smile, I know it is hard to believe, but he does smile.

Again I have to thank John Bugun for sending me the silverware to be added to the rest, which you can see on display at Harrow Centre, thank you John for your support.

I have as yet to speak to our latest Captain, Adam Lovejoy, who has been Capt for the last three years, with nothing to do.

One of our stalwart’s has been Len Worsdel, who unfortunately had a heart attack during the winter, I`m pleased to say that Len is on the mend, the bad news is he has had to retire from playing golf MIND YOU HE IS 94, we all hope to see you at the games Len and the Festive Board later.

I will keep you all in the loop as to what’s happening on the golf and social side, as we go on a different journey then before.

Keep safe and well look out for each other hopefully see you all in September.

S & F

Chris Johns (MMGSec)

We do have an MMSA Golf section tie, as well as golf shirts, which can be purchased at our events.

Payments prior to the event to our treasurer: -

Please send an email to Chris Johns If you are interested in taking part in any of the events.

I trust that our fellow golfers can assist us in promoting the golfing section and I thank you in advance for your support

Download a Membership Form HERE

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