I would like to start by thanking PJ for his continued support as I attempt to settle into the secretary’s role, I’m sure I have much to learn.  I look forward to meeting you all over the ensuing year and welcome any advice and wisdom you may want to impart.

The new Season will be starting in April 2022, hopefully COVID will continue retreat and allow us to get back normal life.

The revised programme is as follows:

Tuesday 26th April, 2022 - Calcott Park G.C

Thursday 23rd June, 2022 - Fulwell G.C.

Thursday 1st September, 2022 - Northwood G.C.

Please extend invitations to friends and family who may not be Masons, as well as fellow Masons who may not be aware of the society website.

We hope you will enjoy playing at the venues selected for this year. We have kept it to three outings, hoping that we may be able to arrange an interprovincial event in the summer.

In the previous update, PJ mentioned that the Charity Day had not happened for the last 4 years. I welcome any suggestions from the members to revive this activity.

Mark Heyburn, our very patient Treasurer, will shortly be sending out the subscription renewal notices, which I believe are due in April.

Our Captain, Adam Lovejoy, has agreed to continue in his role for the coming year, hopefully he will be able to complete an uninterrupted captaincy.

Please keep safe and well, look out for each other hopefully see you all in April.

S & F

Harry Badh

07879 413677

We do have an MMSA Golf section tie, as well as golf shirts, which can be purchased at our events.

Payments prior to the event to our treasurer: -

Please send an email to Harry Badh If you are interested in taking part in any of the events.

I trust that our fellow golfers can assist us in promoting the golfing section and I thank you in advance for your support

Download a Membership Form HERE

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