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For Release:01/04/19


Twickenham— 01/04/19 — Today at the Twickenham Masonic Centre, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex, announced immediate availability of the world’s first piece of wearable masonic technology, the self-adjusting masonic apron, featuring haptic, or tactile feedback and bluetooth, aimed at reducing time wasted and meetings delays.

Key features include:

• Auto-Adjusting Waistband

• Automatic Degree & Workings Indicator

• Haptic, or tactile Prompts (Ritual error/Snooze nudge)

• Bluetooth Integration (Accurate prompts in earpiece)

We’re incredibly excited to see months of hard work pay off.

We’ve been looking closely at how technology can improve Masonic life, and we’re conscious that our Members waistbands change between Meetings, how they can forget lines and get inaccurate prompts, and occasionally snooze off during Meetings” said Omaid Hiwaizi, Provincial Communications Officer, of the Provincial Communications Committee.

wearable masonic technology

Positive Impact –

Several senior masons have already benefited from using the apron, although you’d be hard pressed to spot the difference between this and a regular apron.

The idea came from a chance meeting of Bro Daniel Graham with a Chinese manufacturing importer in his Lodge.

With Nike releasing self lacing sneakers and wearable tech becoming more mainstream, costs have reduced considerably.

iApron – Image: (MIndTribe)

The plan is to rollout the iApron, with its Fast Operating Open Length mechanism (F.O.O.L), end of quarter 1 this year, distributing it through Masonic Centres, and online via the Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex Twitter and Facebook page.

I’ve had mine for three months now,” said W Bro Stan Marut, “It’s been amazing. I’m often cutting it fine to meetings and it made a real difference. It also means I can go that just bit more on the lodge dinner and wine.

iApron for iMasons –

The iApron is driven by a recent study of Masonic behaviour, demonstrating how many Members are embracing digital and social media, and how to offer added value to the masonic journey and is part of PGLM’s commitment to deliver the latest technology as masonry moves into the digital age.

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PR Contact Name: Omaid Hiwaizi, Provincial Communications Officer, PGLM

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