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A number of Lodges have been active despite lockdown and the subsequent tiering which has impacted on the ability to do very much.

However, where there’s a will, there’s a way and several Lodges have managed to continue their charitable efforts in the Community.

Here are few fragments of good news in the Province.

Era Lodge. No. 1423 -

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Although the Lodge has been relatively quiet in the scheme of things. However.

The current Worshipful Master, W Bro Phil Cooper, recently undertook the Tommy 10K” to raise funds for the British Legion ( Tommy 10K - RBLI ).

This was a 10 kilometre run.

W Bro Phil set a target of raising £150 for the Charity but ended up collecting £560.

He has now signed up for the London Landmarks Half Marathon in 2021 for the Charity.

Other news from the Lodge: W Bro Ray Whitley and his wife, despite both being classed as "extremely vulnerable" spent all of the first lockdown period working for the Salvation Army, delivering food and essentials to those that needed it and stayed in touch with many others, and regularly called around the members of the Lodge to see that all were well.

Citadel Lodge, No. 1897 -

Roslie Courtney and Ersitia Antohe of PMK Court
Roslie Courtney and Ersitia Antohe of PMK Court

W Bro John Briggs, Provincial Grand Charity Steward, has been busy, busy delivering Christmas goodwill to the staff at Prince Michael of Kent Court.

On this occasion he delivered 50 boxes of Quality Street together with 2 bags of chocolate for the residents.

This continues the generosity and thoughtfulness of the Brethren in Citadel Lodge.

Just back in September along with the members of Circle of Friendship Lodge, No. 7320 the carers received chocolates, biscuits and coffee as well as a monetary donation of £1,000 from Citadel Lodge.

Roll Call Lodge, No. 2523 -

Teddy Bear, but no picnic. (Photo by Alexander Hamby from Pexels)
Teddy Bear, but no picnic. (Photo by Alexander Hamby from Pexels)

The Brethren of Roll Call Lodge, No. 2523 will once again be donating a large number of teddy bears for sick children at the Kingston Hospital.

This is meant for those who will spend Christmas there.

Normally representatives from the Lodge would visit the hospital and find new homes for the Teddy’s, but are waiting for a suitable date to do this.

Lovely gesture and the children who receive them will find great comfort and joy, as the Christmas Carol says.

Hundred of Gore Lodge, No. 8314 -

When 8 is the lucky number
When 8 is the lucky number

The Brethren of Hundred of Gore Lodge, No. 8314 were luckier than most by being able to hold two meetings in between lockdowns.

An emergency meeting was held in September followed by Installation in October.

Different sets of Rules applied to each meeting and the photo shows eight Brethren assembled at the emergency meeting.

Regrettably, the 50th Anniversary could not take place last July and there is also a 50 year Certificate to be presented.

This will be done as soon as circumstances permit. In the meantime, members of the Lodge are keeping in touch with one another by electronic means.

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