Sensory Garden Makes Sense

Before and after photos of sensory garden project

The ETNA Community Centre (East Twickenham Neighbourhood Association) is a registered local charity situated in a large Victorian building in Twickenham.

It offers community space for groups and various activities, counselling and other events.

The Centre is actively involved in receiving surplus food from local bakeries and supermarkets enabling them to provide nutritious lunches to those in need.

ETNA have been supported by the Round Table Lodge of Middlesex, No. 8301 who earlier in 2021 donated £400 to support the Sensory Garden Project which has now been completed.

Before the project was undertaken the entrance to ETNA’s premises appeared dark and unwelcoming.

Now there has been a transformation into a welcoming and beautiful space which has acted as a catalyst in encouraging groups and individuals to return to the Centre.

Biodeversity – The New Watchword

This transformation is now manifest in the creation of an aesthetically beautiful garden with an increase in bee, butterfly and bird populations.

ETNA are to be congratulated in the realisation and fulfilment of a garden area that will impact on sensory perceptions of those who will visit this welcoming space and enjoy the surroundings.

Indeed, the increased number of outdoor seats in the new space is an invitation to local passers-by to stop and take a rest.

The Centre Director has written to the members of Round Table Lodge of Middlesex thanking them for their support for their project which is already having a positive impact on the ETNA Community.

More details of the project can be found at:-


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