Dumb’s The Word

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W. Bro Dean Mortimer ProvJGD the current Worshipful Master of Lest We Forget Lodge No 7222 has a knack for unusual fundraising events. Previously he has been involved in a number of charitable endeavours including raising £10500 for the Parkinsons Disease Society. Subsequently, he took part in a 24-hour endurance test on a static bicycle at his Dorset Pub the Hunters Moon near Sherborne. Not only has he completed the Bath half marathon previously, but also completed a cycle ride from his pub in Dorset to Paris in aid of Prostate Cancer Research. Last year Dean was involved with a number of other Middlesex and Buckinghamshire brethren in a charity bike road from Dorset to Newquay. This was in aid of the charity CHAPS which focuses on Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)Testing which can provide evidence for a cancer diagnosis.

Dean has come up with another brainwave to encourage people to support his aims for charity. This time he has completed a 24-hour period of non-verbal contact with his pub customers. This is especially difficult for him being a gregarious Yorkshireman from the East Riding. Hull to be precise. The charities who would benefit are Prostate Cancer UK who are a research charity and also CHAPS who provide PSA testing which can possibly provide pointers to the existence of prostate cancer. Both of these are highly deserving causes in the cause of men’s health. So far donations have exceeded £1400. This initiative was highly amusing to his pub customers and brought to them prostate cancer awareness which is a ” silent killer”. Many who will have a diagnosis will be unaware of the danger lurking within.

If Dean was to serve food at table would that make him a dumb waiter?

Dean's notice at the pub counter advising he was in silent mode. Dean’s notice at the pub counter advising he was in silent mode.




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