Discover Freemasonry Seminar 29th November 2023


Discover Freemasonry

29th November 2023, 7pm for 7.30pm, Twickenham Masonic Centre

We’re all masons because we enjoy it, right? Whether it’s the friendships, charity, ritual, tradition, self development or the fun of it all, Freemasonry is special to us all.

Now it’s your turn to make someone else feel what you already love. We’d like you to join us and attend our events.


1) It should be in every lodges interest who wants to have new unsponsored candidates introduced to them to attend (once at the least).

2) It provides an informative evening and 'soft landing' to help members 'break the ice' and introduce people they feel may be potential initiates to their own an informal and relaxed setting, It will give confidence and a method for those who genuinely feel awkward or it difficult to broach the subject of introductions to masonry.

3) It is highly relevant to the specific responsibilities of Lodge Mentors, Lodge Membership Officers (and Secretaries/W.M.) alike, to see how the process works, and feed this back into their roles and units.

4) It will be of interest to new EA's and FC's as well

5) You will enjoy the evening too!

Do you know anybody your lodge/chapter could bring along to an event about Freemasonry? Do you have any potential Candidates "in the pipeline"?

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