Temporary Emergency Measures for COVID – 19 – Clarification


There appears to be some confusion over the Temporary Emergency Measures (“TEM”) announced by Grand Lodge in the 14th Edition of First Rising issued on 15th February 2021 and, in particular, with regard to those TEM relating to the Election and Installation of a new Master under TEM 8.

TEM 8 provides that:-

If by reason of the Lodge’s inability to meet to elect and install a Master for the ensuing year the normal operation of the Rules in the Book of Constitutions would require the current Master to continue in office for a third or subsequent year in succession, the … Provincial … Grand Master may, if so requested, grant the Lodge a dispensation, which shall be free of charge, to elect and install a new Master at the same regular or emergency meeting.”

This Emergency Measure only applies:-

(a) where the Lodge’s regular date of Installation according to its By-laws falls on or after the 1 March 2021 and before 31st December 2021; and

(b) the Lodge is unable to meet on that date due to Government and/or Grand Lodge suspension of meetings; and

(c) as a result this would require, according to the Book of Constitutions, the Master to continue in office for a third year in succession.

It is important to note that this Emergency Measure only comes into play if it proves impossible for the Lodge to meet on the day named in its By-laws for Installation.

If the Lodge has been unable to meet on the date of its regular Election Meeting but is able to meet on its regular Installation date then it must elect a Master in accordance with Rule 106, Book of Constitutions.

I hope this clarifies the issue but if you have any further queries please direct these to the Provincial Office.

Yours sincerely & fraternally,

Barry P J Cramer

VW Bro Barry P J Cramer, PGSwdB
Deputy Provincial Grand Master

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