2018 Royal Arch Annual Convocation – report and pictures

2018 Royal Arch Annual Convocation on Tuesday 26th  June was an extremely happy day.

350 Companions from Middlesex and visitors from 16 Provinces - including 8 Grand Superintendents, 12 Deputy Grand Superintendents, 12 2nd Provincial Grand Principals and 10 3rd provincial Grand Principals both present and past attended the meeting held at Harlequins Rugby Club, Twickenham.

Presiding was Excellent Companion Martyn P Farrell, PGSwdB, Deputy Grand Superintendent-in-Charge.

He led the very happy meeting in his now legendary humorous and engaging style.

In particular, made the point that he would remember the day for the rest of his life, having never expected to preside over such a meeting.

The layout of the ground meant that the robing room for Members was on the opposite side of the pitch to where the Convocation itself was being held, which meant that hundreds of Masons were seen at pitch side, in full regalia, making jokes about running on the pitch and scoring tries for Harlequins !

It being an extremely hot day, we made maximum use of the air conditioning and the Deputy Grand Superintendent-in-Charge gave permission to dine without jackets – something which was received with much applause from those attending.

This was the first meeting to be held at Harlequins RFC and happily the space worked well.

The general consensus was it was extremely good and we would have further meetings there, incorporating learnings from this meeting.

Please click here for images of the set up, the Convocation itself and Dinner

Photos Courtesy of Sam Bassan and Raj Patel

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