Middlesex Lodges/Chapters Websites

Name No. Website Meeting
Royal Jubilee Lodge 72 royaljubileelodge.org.uk Twickenham
Lodge of Harmony 255 www.lodgeofharmony255.org.uk Twickenham
Villiers Lodge 1194 www.villierslodge.org Twickenham
Harrow Temple in Unity Lodge 1310 www.harrowtempleinunitylodge.org.uk Harrow
The Campbell Lodge 1415 campbelllodge1415.org/CampbellLodge1415.org Twickenham
The Campbell Lodge 1415 www.campbell-loi.org Twickenham
Era Lodge 1423 www.era1423.org.uk Twickenham
Thames Valley Lodge 1460 www.thamesvalleylodge1460.com Harrow
Felix Lodge 1494 www.felix1494.com Twickenham
Centre with Unity Chapter 1637 www.centre-with-unity-1637.ra-chapter.org.uk Harrow
Royal Hanover Lodge 1777  www.royalhanoverlodge.com/ Twickenham
Citadel Lodge 1897  citadel1897.com Harrow
The Richmond Lodge 2032  www.therichmondlodge2032.org.uk Twickenham
Roll Call Lodge 2523  rollcalllodge2523.com Twickenham
Herga Lodge 2548  www.hergalodge.org.uk Harrow
Wembley Lodge 2914  www.wembleylodge.com Harrow
Mildmay Coronation Lodge 3536  mildmay.masonic-lodge.org.uk Twickenham
Edric Lodge 4299  www.edriclodge.org.uk Uxbridge
Sudbury Lodge 4529  sudbury4529.org.uk Harrow
Fulcorn Lodge 4791  www.fulcorn-4791.masonic-lodge.org.uk Harrow
Ansgar Lodge 5304  ansgarlodge.org Uxbridge
Ariel Lodge 5596  www.ariellodgetwickenham.org.uk Twickenham
Father Thames Lodge 5615  www.ft5615.org Staines
Old Hamptonian Lodge 5730  oldhamptonian.org Staines
Hundred-Elms Lodge 5749 www.hundred-elms-5749.masonic-website.org.uk Harrow
Middlesex Home Service Lodge 5836  www.mhsl5836.co.uk Twickenham
Norma Lodge 5902  www.normalodge.co.uk Harrow
Greystoke Lodge 6146  www.greystokelodge.co.uk Harrow
Hampton Lodge 6435  www.hamptonlodge.org Staines
Osterley Lodge 6430  www.osterleylodge6430.org Twickenham
Fortitude Lodge 6503  fortitude6503.englishlodges.org.uk Harrow
North Harrow Lodge 6557  www.NorthHarrowLodge.org Harrow
Northolt Masonic Lodge 6565  www.facebook.com/northoltlodge Uxbridge
Uxbridge Lodge 7066  www.uxbridgelodge.org.uk Uxbridge
Harefield Lodge 7417  www.harefieldlodge.org Uxbridge
Stanwell Lodge 7468 stainesfreemasons.org Staines
Lodge of Reflection 7553  www.reflection7553.co.uk Twickenham
Temple of Uxbridge Lodge 7660  www.templeofuxbridge.org.uk Uxbridge
Oakwood Lodge 7797  www.maineda.co.uk/oakwood Southgate
Sutton Court Lodge 7826 suttoncourt7826.org.uk Twickenham
Featherstone Lodge 7851  www.featherstonelodge.com Uxbridge
Handone Mount Lodge 8183  www.handonemountlodge.co.uk Harrow
Kenelm Lodge 8255  www.kenelmlodge.com Harrow
Round Table Lodge of Middlesex 8301  www.roundtablelodgeofmiddlesex.org.uk Twickenham
Malines Lodge 8740  malineslodge8740.org Staines
Jubilee Lodge 8822  jubileelodge.co.uk Harrow
Middlesex St Andrew's Lodge 8897  www.middlesexstandrews.co.uk Harrow
Prince Michael of Kent Lodge 9120  pmklodge.co.uk Staines
Ruislip St Martins Lodge 9125  www.ruislipstmartinslodge.com Harrow
Gordon Bourne Lodge 9388  www.staines-9388.masonic-lodge.org.uk Staines

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