They think it’s all over ! It isn’t yet

Mulberry Centre Team of Volunteers

Just when you might have thought the Middlesex masonic pot might be empty it is gratifying to see that much needed and appreciated donations are being made to local Middlesex Charities.

In this instance the Cole Court Centre Lodge of Instruction recently made two awards of £400 each.

The first went to the Mulberry Centre in Isleworth. (

The Charity is a cancer information and support centre with a welcoming and non-clinical environment based within the grounds of West Middlesex Hospital in Isleworth.

They are a registered charity and the majority of funding comes from charitable donations.

Their aim is to deliver a range of information and support services to all people affected by a diagnosis of cancer and those carers and supporters bereaving the loss of a family member or friend. Although most support is given to those within the London Boroughs of Hounslow, Richmond and Ealing there is an extensive network of telephone support to all regardless of postcode or hospital diagnosis.

With the recent pandemic these support services have been extended in a similar way to those affected by COVID-19.

Homelink Whitton

The second award went to the Whitton Homelink. (

This Charity provides vital support to carers who are in desperate need of respite, which in turn leads to reduced isolation and an overall improvement in wellbeing.

People who provide full time care need a break and this where the Charity comes in. Ordinarily, this service is delivered from the dementia-friendly premises in Whitton, where the clients (those who are being cared for) are provided with a day of stimulated activities including discussion groups, music, virtual reality and creative pursuits, whilst their carers have peace of mind and some time to themselves.

The staff team are specialists in caring for people with dementia, as well as for others with a variety of conditions including stroke, arthritis, diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis or mobility issues.

The monies donated were collected from attendance fees at LOI as well as Alms collections.

So, it’s a “well done” to the Cole Court Centre Lodge of Instruction.

However, it’s not all over and hopefully when things return to normality, the Lodge of Instruction will provide a much needed facility for younger Masons taking on roles for the first time, as well as those older Masons who are returning to “Active” duties.

The Lodge of Instruction is a particularly useful facility for those who are members of a Lodge with no formal LoI.

See:- Cole Court Centre – Lodge of Instruction

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