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How Can We Help

It can be difficult to know who to go to for help so here is a universal form. Just let us know what the need is and we will forward your details to the appropriate charity.

Find the form HERE


Middlesex Charities – Masonic

Charity No: 1064406

MMC makes grants to worthy causes and charities in Middlesex, or with strong Middlesex connections, which have been suggested by members of Lodges and Chapters in the Province. The grants are often made in respect of but not limited to, youth development, community projects and support for medical and care facilities in the Province. The MMC also offers financial support to the children and grandchildren of Middlesex Masons by way of scholarships in further education.

Middlesex Masonic Charity is the working name of the Masonic Province of Middlesex Charitable Trust.

Applications can be made by any Mason on behalf of a cause using the application form here: MPMCT Grant Appl Form HERE

Donations are always welcome and being a registered charity funds can be transferred directly from your relief chest or by direct donation sending them a cheque.

Download a copy of the latest Financial Statement HERE

An example of some of the Grants made by the MMCT:-

Borough of Acton Lodge 4368 Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice 20.03.14 £5,000 Contribution towards the upgrade of the email and archive computer systems.
Provincial Grand Almoner Paul Strickland Scanner Centre 20.03.14 £10,350 Help to purchase a Diagnostic Bone Assessment Scanner.
Windmill Hill 5842 St Mark’s Hospital Foundation – Northwick Park 20.03.14 £10,000 Grant towards the purchase of an ERBE VIO200D Electrosurgical unit with Endocut and APC.
West Drayton 6836 Bears Rail Scout Campsite – Windsor 20.03.14 £5,000 Contribution towards rebuilding onsite shelter facilities costing £220,000.
Ruislip St Martin’s 9125 Brunel University Progeria Project 20.03.14 £10,000 Grant to fund a Fruit Fly Incubator and Fluorescent antibodies.
Elizabethan 7324 Friends of Grangewood 26.09.14 £7,000 Grant for the completion of the Sensory Garden.
Winter Wonderland 2013 – Harrow 27.10.14 £2,913 Grant for promotion of Freemasonry in Harrow.
Handicapped Children’s action Group 18.11.14 £903 Grant to provide a tricycle for 15 year old boy with cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus.
Provincial Charity Steward The WISH Centre 18.11.14 £425 Purchase of a laptop and printer.
Boston Manor 7151 RAFT Mount Vernon Hospital 18.11.14 £5,000 Grant towards the Bionic Limb Project.
Aldwych Lodge 3096 CAB – Enfield 18.11.14 £2,655 Grant towards the costs for a recruitment day, Oyster Cards and specialist training courses.
Ruislip St Martin’s 9125 St Luke’s Hospice 18.11.14 £2,900 Purchase a Kawai upright piano.
RMTGB 18.11.14 £25,000 Middlesex 2020 Festival.



Charity No: 217065

The main purpose of the fund is to provide assistance to Middlesex Masons, their widows and the children of deceased brethren, in distressed circumstances, where the four central Masonic charities were unable to offer support or in cases of emergency. Applications would come from the Provincial Grand Almoner having been unable to obtain assistance from the central Masonic charities. It is also a fund which supports other Provincial Festivals. Any enquiries should be routed through the Provincial Almoner.

It has received the proceeds from the Provincial Annual Meetings of both the Craft and Royal Arch but other donations are always welcome.


Charity No: 14006R (Reg Industrial & Provident Act)

Established following the sale of The Princess Alexandra Home at Stanmore in January 2002 to help Masons and their relatives in circumstances where the other four main Masonic charities are unable to assist. The fund is also available to assist non-Masons living within the old county boundary of Middlesex who due to poor health or poverty are in need of financial assistance.

An example of some of the Grants made by the MPRF:-

Year Ending 30th September 2013 Year Ending 30th September 2014 Year Ending 30th September 2015
10th Anniversary £140,000 Royal Masonic School – New Cassocks   £4,200 Hillingdon Autistic Care and Support £8,000
Mark Festival     £2,000 Rays of Sunshine   £8,000 Box Cleva £6,000
Veterans Charity     £8,800 Medical Detection Dogs   £8,000 Shopmobility £6,000
Kids Can Achieve     £7,000 St Marks Hospital – equipment £10,000 Girlguiding Middlesex East £5,000
Wheelchair Fund     £1,000 Homelink New Centre £10,000 St Lukes Hospice – equipment £4,850
Honeypot Children’s Charity        £900 Royal Masonic School – Music Bursary   £4,000 Pulmonary Fibrosis Trust £2,000
Paul Strickland Scanner Appeal     £5,000 Northolt Air Cadets – new Mini Bus   £3,500 2nd Belmont Brownies £1,000
Women Against Cancer     £3,000 Lifelites   £3,000 Children with Cancer UK     £500
Willen Hospice        £800 Harrow M.S.Therapy – equipment   £2,756 Middlesex Masons £4,950
Widows of Members of closed Lodges     £4,280 Rock Ride2   £1,000 Widows of Members of closed Lodges £4,760
Others     £4,598 Widows of Members of closed Lodges   £4,760
Others   £4,050
10th Anniversary – refunds  (£2,000)
Total £177,378 Total £61,266 Total £43,060

Applications can be made by any Mason on behalf of an individual using the application form downloadable here: HERE

Donations are always welcome and being a registered charity funds can be transferred directly from your relief chest or by cheque sent directly or via Provincial Office.