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At the recent meeting of St Clair Chapter No 2902 at TDMC on Saturday 4th November, the Companions decided to support two particular charities. One of these was the London Air Ambulance Appeal 2023-2024 of Metropolitan Grand Lodge and Chapter. There was a particular reasoning behind this in that as Middlesex Masons we cannot distance ourselves from this service because the Province of Middlesex fits firmly within the M25 area where the Air Ambulance service operates. Their website gives the following definition of the important work they do, “We serve the 10 million people that live work and travel within the M25, treating an average of five patients every day. The most common incidents we attend include road traffic collisions, stabbings and shootings, falls from height and incidents on the rail network.“. Also, “Using a helicopter from 08:00 to sunset, and rapid response cars at night or in adverse weather situations, London’s Air Ambulance brings the hospital to the patient when time is critical. We perform innovative and potentially life-saving procedures usually found in the emergency department on-scene. The team, consisting of an advanced trauma doctor, paramedic and consultant on most missions, can perform treatments such as open-heart surgery, blood transfusions and general anaesthetic by the roadside”.

By this definition this is an amazing organisation and deserves support. Although this is a major Metropolitan initiative, the Chapter made a donation of £100, which although a drop in the occasion will add to the running total.

For those Middlesex masons who have affiliations to Metropolitan Grand Lodge and Chapter there is also an opportunity for individuals to buy the Appeal Badge for a donation of £5 from their Charity Steward or from the Met Office.

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The Chapter also supported Royal British Legion Industries with a donation of £100. E. Comp David Orchard PProvDepGDC who is a member of the Royal British Legion enrolled in this event and raised donations to the amount required. The Chapter contribution increased this. At the Chapter Convocation E. Comp David explained what the Charity did and how the monies received were distributed. The web site gives the following, “Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) is a national veterans charity supporting the Armed Forces, people with disabilities and people who are unemployed. We improve lives every day by inspiring those we help and supporting them to find work and lead independent lives”.

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