Cole Court Centre – Lodge of Instruction

First and Third Thursdays of each month
7.45 for 8.00 pm

Designed specifically to instruct & encourage newer Brethren to take part in rehearsing ceremonies, CCC LoI welcomes attendance from those approaching ‘the ladder’ as well as those already on it.

ALL ARE WELCOME, though naturally our newer Brethren will only be able to attend those ceremonies that they have already undertaken in their own Lodge – a Fellowcraft could not be present at a Third Degree for example.

Initially, just ‘Drop in’ and see how things work and then begin to take part. Experienced Masons will be on hand to support and guide and why we do we do some of the things we do.

‘Emulation’ is the Ritual normally worked.

A nominal charge if £1.00 per Meeting is made and there is a coin collection for charity.

Many people in a similar position to yours will be there and will help Cole Court Centre Lodge of Instruction become a focus for meeting and making new friends.

Ask any of the Bar Staff for the number of the Room we are in on any particular Thursday.

Starts on the Third Thursday in September until Third Thursday in July.

Any questions or queries to the Secretary:-
Ron Sharpe
Tel: 01932 88 22 58

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