Candidate Referral Scheme

You will be aware that activities have been suspended in recent months, but our Centres are re-opening and Meetings can re-commence, albeit with restrictions to keep everyone safe.

The Provincial Referral Scheme has also restarted.

This Scheme connects unsponsored candidates with Lodges who have need of new members.

We are conscious that many Lodges have experienced changes to their membership profile in recent months and we would like to establish which Lodges would most benefit from a referral candidate in the immediate future.

To help with this please reply with the following information to:

• Lodge name;
• Contact name (Secretary/Lodge Mentor);
• Contact telephone number;
• Masonic Centre (Twickenham/Harrow/Uxbridge/Southgate);
• Number of active Lodge members;
• When could you Initiate a new candidate;
• When LoIs can resume, what day of the week does your LoI meet, and with what frequency;
• If you have had any Referral Scheme Candidates in the past 5 years, please let us have a sentence on each to advise how they have progressed.

We have tried to keep this enquiry as simple as possible to minimise the administrative burden, but please feel free to add any other information you feel is relevant.

Thank you for your assistance.

Yours sincerely & fraternally,

Nigel Harris-Cooksley, ProvJGW
Provincial Membership Officer

A copy of this letter can be downloaded HERE

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