Life Begins at Fifty Nine – Becoming a Freemason after Retirement

Age is no barrier to becoming a Freemason and may remind us of the expressions;

• There’s Life in the Old Dog Yet
• Many a Good Tune Played on an Old Fiddle

W. Bro David Pearson PProvGSec, Media Team member, provides hope and encouragement by relating the “masonic story” of an older candidate to the Craft.

Whoever first coined these expressions must have had Freemasonry in mind, because our fraternity must be full of examples like W Bro Pat Comerford PProvGStB in Craft and PPrAGSoj in RA, currently First Principal of Unity and Friendship Chapter, No. 8224.

Rapidly approaching his 80th birthday celebration on 31 January 2021, Pat is a shining example of enthusiasm and determination to many youngsters (those of us under 60), not just in Freemasonry, but in life generally.

Constructing a New Masonic Life –

Approaching the end of a successful career in the tough world of construction site management, Pat embarked on another challenge.

In February 1999 he was Initiated, less than a month after his 59th birthday, into Peachey Stone Lodge, No. 5993.

The same year he was appointed as a Steward and over the following 6 years progressed through all the Lodge offices arriving in the East and taking the Master’s Chair in 2005.

Since he joined Freemasonry straight from his retirement and having taken on the responsibilities of being WM of his Mother Lodge, he has never been out of Lodge office having served as Chaplain (2 years), Almoner (8 years), ADC (5 years) and DC (2 years).

A New Chapter –

Obviously not feeling over-taxed in this progress, he was Exalted into Peachey Stone Chapter, No. 5993 in 2001.

He was Principal Sojourner in 2003 to 2005, Third principal from 2006 to 2008, Second Principal 2008 to 2009 and First Principal 2009 to 2010 and again 2029 to 2020.

Regrettably, the Chapter had to surrender its Charter in 2020, but Pat had meanwhile joined Unity and Friendship Chapter, No. 8224 in 2016.

There he was elected as Second Principal in 2018 and First Principal in 2019, which office he still holds owing to the Covid-19 crisis preventing him installing his elected successor.

Throughout these years Pat has been a more than diligent worker at Lodge and Chapter ritual and is recognised by all who know him for his excellent delivery in both Craft and RA ceremonies.

He is an ebullient and entertaining member of Unity & Friendship Chapter’s regular Zoom gatherings during the suspension of actual Masonic business.

But all this tells you only of Pat Comerford, Freemason.

W Bro Pat is an avid swimmer, walker and supporter of many charities including the Salvation Army, Children with Cancer, Guide Dogs for the Blind to name a few.

There must be many other characters in Middlesex Freemasonry who will show there is much to enjoy in life as the years pass and that retirement from work offers other opportunities for a different and absorbing way of life including Freemasonry.

It would be good to hear some other stories of Middlesex Masons who joined later in life and have found the masonic journey rewarding.

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