Middlesex First Principals Chapter, No. 3420 Support the Hillingdon Women’s Centre

Apart from the turmoil of all that has happened over the last four months or so, there remains one particular attribute of lockdown which is the unconscionable treatment of some women by their partners which has resulted in domestic abuse and violence.

The Media have highlighted this, but some may see this as a consequence of the overall effect of Covid 19.

Strictly this is not an isolated phenomenon, but the pandemic has brought the occurrence of abuse to new levels.

The abuse may be multifaceted and include not only be sexual and physical, but also emotional, financial and psychological.

Many Middlesex Masons may have had no exposure to these “goings on” and for the ordinary just and upright male it may never surface into an everyday event for them that they might witness.

However, it is happening and Middlesex First Principals Chapter, No. 3420 having reached Patron status earlier in the 2020 Festival was pleased to contribute the sum of £200 to the Charity in support of the work they do.

A letter was received from the Chair Trustee thanking the Chapter for the donation.

More information can be found on:- www.hillingdonwomenscentre.org

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