Covid 19 – Response From St Clair Chapter, No. 2902

Size Doesn’t Matter –

Two Doctors resting on the electric vibrating chairs

In response to the recent appeal from the ME Grand Superintendent Peter Baker for Chapters to support various NHS Charity Trusts and Masonic Centres, the Companions of St Clair Chapter, No. 2902 , who meet at TDMC, have made two donations of £250 each.

St Clair Chapter has a modest membership and it really doesn’t matter how big the individual masonic unit is, it’s the thought that counts and each donation made is highly valued.

West Middlesex Hospital Charity Trust in Isleworth received a donation to support staff wellbeing.

This can be undertaken in various ways.

Firstly, there are members of staff at the hospital who are unable to return home after their shift either due to distance between home and workplace, or there is someone in the household who is COVID 19 symptomatic.

These staff members are provided with local hotel accommodation.

The Wellness Room at the hospital

By doing this it allows essential staff to remain at work where they are most needed and not having to self-isolate.

Additionally, within the hospital there are rest areas for staff where they can have a few moments respite with drinks and snacks provided.

Some members of staff on the ICU units have their meals brought to the wards.

This highlights the tremendous self-sacrifice of NHS front line staff, many of whom have not been able to return home for some considerable time.

Equally, there are some members of staff who may need psychological counselling.

This would be particularly pertinent for those experiencing the worst effects of the virus on vulnerable patients

Apart from gifts from masonic units in Middlesex, individual donations are also welcome from members of the public and from Middlesex Masons in their personal capacity and these can be made using the following link:-

TDMC also received a “gift” from the Chapter by way of support.

This was apart from capitation which had already been paid for the year.

The critical thing is to support the Centres as much as possible to ensure that when the situation returns to normality there is still a meeting place. This is vital.

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