London Stone Chapter – Lockdown Heros

London Stone Chapter, No. 2536

Having achieved Platinum Grand Patron in The 2020 RMTGB Festival, London Stone Chapter, No. 2536 had been awarded a £500 voucher from the Middlesex Province Relief Fund (MPRF), to donate to a local charity of their choice.

They promptly sent this on its way to The Salvation Army, who, as always, are steadfast in their support of the less fortunate and vulnerable.

As the current situation has meant that charitable fundraising has slowed to a trickle, the donation was thankfully received and no doubt faithfully applied.

The Chapter also donated a further £500 from their own Relief Chest to the Middlesex Covid-19 Relief Appeal, as well as supporting their local Food Bank, as, indeed, are many other Lodges and Chapters in the Province.

This kind of giving is nothing new for Freemasons.

What is new at present is the difficulty of complying with Chapter bylaws whilst in lockdown and unable to meet the normal requirement on voting for Propositions.

Thankfully social media has allowed Freemasonry to flourish and overcome this difficulty by using Apps which allow us to meet on air.

The show must go on and the London Stone Chapter Charity Steward, E. Comp. Patrick S. Frederick, PProvGStwd acted quickly and decisively in organising a “virtual” meeting of Chapter members to agree the Charitable donations.

Hats off then to all the Middlesex Lodges and Chapters who are ensuring the flow of funds to these good causes when help is most needed.

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