Busy Times At Greystoke Lodge


At the December meeting of Greystoke Lodge No 6146 the Secretary had the pleasure of proposing four new candidates and a joining member. The Joining member had been unattached for a number of years having formally been a member of St Clair Lodge 2902 in the Province.

Two of the candidates had been introduced by the Provincial Membership Team. Another was the direct result of the Lodge Ladies Festival in October 2023 last October and the other, Charlie Fitzpatrick, whose father is a Greystoke Lodge and Chapter member His grandfather is also a Companion of Greystoke Chapter No 6146.

The evening’s work was the ceremony of Passing of Bro Steven Caskey, which was followed by the initiation of Charlie Fitzpatrick with W. Bro Roger Godfrey (Grandfather) acting as Worshipful Master and W. Bro Jason Fitzpatrick (Father) who acted as the Junior Deacon.

The joining member, Brother Allan Cockram, is a former professional footballer who has played for both Tottenham Hotspur and Brentford amongst spells at other football clubs. In 2017 Brother Allan started the Planet Penguin Football Foundation at Brentford FC. Greystoke Lodge has been very supportive of this charity whose aims are teaching football skills to Downs Syndrome children and over 55s walking football for both men and ladies walking football. (see – https://www.planetpenguinfootballfoundation.com/)

There are still four other candidates awaiting initiation and it is hoped to perform a quadruple initiation at the next meeting in May which will be a magnificent achievement.

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allan_Cockram


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