Brethren and Companions

RW Bro David Ian Allan, <br>Pro Provincial Grand Master

It is an honour and a privilege to be able to write to you today as the newly appointed and installed Pro Provincial Grand Master for, and Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over our great Province of Middlesex.

I wish to express my sincere and heartfelt appreciation to the many Brethren and Companions who travelled many miles to attend and show their support at Freemasons’ Hall yesterday for my installations, which I found to be both moving and emotional.

As you can imagine, the installation ceremonies were flawlessly carried out by the Pro Grand Master / Pro 1st Grand Principal, MW Bro / ME Comp Jonathan Spence and his team, all the time being backed up by our own very capable team from the Secretariat as well as the excellent Active Officers, Deputies and Provincial Grand Stewards.

In my addresses, you will have heard that we arrive at a point in Middlesex in which there is an opportunity to propel Freemasonry and in particular, our great Province to new heights, having emerged from the obvious challenges of the pandemic.

As a result of our very successful Discover Freemasonry initiative and the work of our membership team, we are starting to see the green shoots of recovery in our membership but, we must continue to push forward and encourage the right people to join Freemasonry and the Province that we all hold so dear. At the same time, we need to encourage existing members of the Craft to complete their journey in pure and antient Freemasonry by joining the Royal Arch.

My passion for Freemasonry extends far beyond our immediate Masonic circles, to our broader role in the community. We are not merely charitable in our endeavours, but we are also deeply committed in the service of others and dedicating countless hours to this noble cause. In addition, we intend to organise some social events for our families, recognising the hugely vital role they play in enabling us to devote so much of our time to Freemasonry and projects within our local communities.

Together, with the Executive team from both the Craft and Royal Arch, I am very keen to receive your feedback, ideas, and possible initiatives for the future. Only together can we explore ways to enrich the Masonic experience for our members, underpinned by a positive and can-do spirit.

I very much look forward to the coming weeks and months during which I am hoping to visit many of you or see you around the Province.

Once again Brethren & Companions, I am deeply humbled by the honour bestowed upon me in this role, and I am committed to ensuring that Middlesex Freemasonry continues to prosper and flourish.



R W Bro / E Comp David Allan Pro Provincial Grand Master for and Grand Superintendent in and over Middlesex

3rd October 2023

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