Time to get the Books Out

With an end in sight to our present predicament and the prospect of Rule of 6 meetings after May 17th, we as Freemasons can rejoice in that possibility.

However, after the Summer it’s all hands to the pumps as we begin in earnest a new masonic year.

A number of Lodges and Chapters will be fortunate in that they will have a waiting list of men to be Initiated, or Candidates to be Exalted, and some will have work which has been in abeyance for the last year.

A time of reckoning no doubt, but also a time to be ready.

To that end many will have had the ritual books out and are ready to go.

I have been doing just that and it is always refreshing when after you have performed well in Lodge, or Chapter, your colleagues will acknowledge you for the work.

Each will find his own way to get the ritual into the memory banks.

If you have been a little relaxed in that area, then no better time than now to start. (Ed)

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