Life after a stroke for a Middlesex Mason

Andy Pearce PPrSGD suffered a stroke in 2013 that changed his life.

He has since been cared for by his now 13 year old son Edward.

Recently Edward was presented with a special carer’s award by Chelsea star David Luiz in recognition of his efforts in looking after his father for the last four years.

Edward assists with a significant number of daily activities that Andy cannot do for himself.

(L to R) Edward, David Luiz, Andy Pearce

When Andy was in hospital he received a number of cards from Brethren wishing him a speedy recovery.

One of the care team, Brian Bolla, a member of Barra Hall Lodge, No. 8096, noticed that the cards were all signed “yours S+F” and was especially friendly towards his patient.

Andy says “Brian’s a really gregarious bloke anyhow just we had a lot of material to talk about because of Masonry.

And what are the odds of waking up in Surrey after a Stroke and finding a Middlesex Mason taking care of you?!”

Andy’s mother Lodge, Diligence Lodge, No. 5954, sadly handed in its Warrant in February 2017.

As a result of the friendship that developed between Andy and Brian, it was an easy decision as to which Lodge Andy would join in order to continue his Masonic journey.

Andy’s advice to Brethren following his experience is to keep a healthy life style, be aware of your blood pressure, as undiagnosed high blood pressure is a silent killer.

Andy intends to raise money for the Middlesex 2020 Festival by having the logo shaved in to his hair when attending the AGM in May 2018.

Anyone who would like to sponsor Andy should go the website where donations will be gratefully received.

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