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Masonic Synergy at work –

W Bro Ian Mitchell, Media Team member shows how the Middlesex Masonic Charities working together get a good result.

W Bro Andy Pearce

Sometimes, when everyone knows what needs to be done, great things can be accomplished by pulling together.

That was certainly the case when W Bro Andy Pearce PPrSGD, a Middlesex freemason, found himself at risk of losing his mobility and two Masonic Charitable organisations worked together to find a way to help him stay mobile.

Andy suffered a haemorrhagic stroke in May 2013 and his story featured on this web site afterwards (see: https://pglm.org.uk/andy-pearce/) when his son Edward was presented with an award for the care he provided to Andy.

That story also featured the details of how Andy was cared for in hospital by a fellow Middlesex freemason, Brian Bolla, which ultimately led to Andy joining Brian’s lodge, Barra Hall Lodge, No. 8096, as a result of the friendship that developed between them.

Andy has made a remarkable recovery and on his return home he purchased a mobility scooter to enable him to get around.

The difficulty is that he lives in a second floor flat, which poses practicable difficulties in storing and charging the scooter which complicates any potential solution as the building’s managing agents would have to give permission for any alterations.

In addition, the scooter was wearing out and needed replacing.

All in all, things looked bleak – but to the rescue came not one, but two Masonic charities.

The Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) had already supported Andy’s rehabilitation and was willing to fund a replacement scooter, however its policy stated that the recipient needed a suitable place to store it and recharge the battery.

The Provincial Almoner, Hugh Saville, suggested that Andy approach the Middlesex Province Relief Fund (MPRF), which agreed to fund the purchase and installation of a scooter store and power supply, at a cost of almost £7,000.

With agreement secured from the properties managing agents to house the store in a suitable space, Andy can look forward to being able to stay mobile.

All it required was the determination of all involved to find a way to help, despite the many obstacles they faced along the way.

This was led by the very hands on Provincial Almoner, who through his knowledge of the support available, was able to co-ordinate all the parties involved, even down to finding an electrician to install the power supply to the unit.

The MPRF was established in 2002 following the sale of the Princess Alexandra Home at Stanmore in January 2002 to help Masons and their relatives in circumstances where the other four main Masonic charities are unable to assist.

Applications for assistance from the MPRF can be made by any Mason on behalf of an individual using the application form downloadable HERE.

It is common for Lodge Almoners to assist claimants with the application form, which is then assessed by the MPRF Trustees.

Where matters are straightforward and the Trustees agree to provide assistance, they are able to act very quickly.

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