Almoners Update

APRIL 2017

Hugh Saville
This is not a further edition of “The Scrip Purse”. That will appear in the next couple of months, once further operational changes are in place at the Masonic Charitable Foundation, also after Middlesex has been incorporated into the new working arrangements. After that, it will be possible to give you a comprehensive explanation both of the new system, and how it will affect you as an almoner.

This update is to pass on information that needs to be brought to your notice more urgently, and you are asked to assist by ensuring that the matters below are addressed.

As always, I extend my grateful thanks to all of you who work so hard to bring relief to fellow Brethren, widows and children in times of hardship or distress.

Hugh Saville
Provincial Almoner


Earlier this month every Middlesex Brother and Companion with a known email address received an email from the Province inviting them to take a blood test (funded by the Province) to determine the level of PSA (prostate-specific antigen) in their blood. An elevated level could indicate issues with your prostate, or even be a sign of prostate cancer, which is the biggest killer of men in the UK.

The initiative was launched at the Provincial Grand Officers Club held at Brunel University, Uxbridge, on 5th April when consultant urologist, Rick Popert, gave a fascinating talk. The following day, the email invitations were sent out, and the response has been impressive (as of 19th April, over 330 bookings had been made).

However, we are aware that there are Members of some Lodges or Chapters who would like to have a PSA test but don’t have an email account, so they may not be aware of the Provincial initiative, and cannot register for a test using the electronic portal set up on the Provincial web site.

Therefore, will you please check your Membership list, identify those Brethren who do not have email, and make them aware of the programme? It is very important that ever Middlesex Brother and Companion is both aware of the initiative, and has the opportunity to participate. All details of the programme can be found in the email you received on 6th April from the Province.

If you receive any bookings from the above exercise, please send them by email to Bro Liam Delahunty on with a copy to me at .

In every case, you will need to state whether the Brother/Companion wishes to attend the Twickenham session on the morning of Saturday 20th May, or the Harrow session on Saturday 3rd June.


Every June, Harrow Progress Lodge and the Uxbridge Masonic Centre combine resources to organise a widows’ tea party at the Uxbridge Centre. This year it will be held on Wednesday 28th June, starting at 3.00PM. There is no charge for widows, and this year all Masonic widowers may attend at a cost of £7.50/head.

All details are in the attached flyer, and we ask that you make all your widows and widowers aware of the event. The organisers also offer transport to and from Uxbridge Masonic Centre, if required. A lot of time and effort goes into organising this important event for our widows, so please ensure it is fully publicised.

All bookings and any queries about the event should be referred directly to Eric Diamond on 020 3590 4937, or to Christine Elliott on 020 8570 5834.

Thank you!

Provincial Almoner

Download a copy of the flyer HERE

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