It’s a Royal Arch Pin, but not as we know it

E Comp Stan Marut LGCR PPrAGSoj, News Editor, remarks on a beautifully crafted Royal Arch pin.

A short while ago whilst writing the report on the closure of Alma Chapter, No. 3534 in the Province of Middlesex, I came across another Alma Chapter in the United States of America under the jurisdiction of Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons Michigan.

My efforts to make contact did not bear fruit, which was disappointing.

On closer examination of the pin one can see on the Mark Degree Keystone on the left.

The crow, pick and shovel, which also appear, are known to us as Royal Arch Masons in England.

Those who are familiar with the York Rite, or American Rite, will understand the hierarchy of degrees and that the Mark Degree comes before the Royal Arch in the progression.

This is all fascinating stuff and a quick Google search can expand your masonic knowledge immensely.

The pin is simple but elegant but contains a wealth of symbolism to those in the know.

More reason then to join the Holy Royal Arch in the Province.

For more details on how to join please use the link shown –

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