Honoured and Guarded

W Bro Albert Monks PPrGReg, PProv2ndAsstGSoj (2nd March 1943 – 27th April 2021)

W Bro Albert Monks PPrGReg, PProv2ndAsstGSoj (2nd March 1943 – 27th April 2021) sadly passed to the Grand Lodge Above having suffered a massive stroke.

On Tuesday 11th May members of the Prince Michael of Kent Lodge, No. 9120, along with members of the MGFF and Alert Lodge, No. 5861, which was W Bro Albert’s Mother Lodge, formed an honour guard to receive the hearse carrying the coffin at the Crematorium.

There was also an honour guard posted outside W Bro Albert’s home in Uxbridge as he started his last journey.

They wore Craft light blue collars and stood either side of the hearse, which as it pulled away there was spontaneous clapping from the neighbours and the honour guard also joined in.

A Requiem Mass was held at the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Hayes and the interment service at the Breakspear Crematorium.

Both services were live streamed.

Members of Prince Michael of Kent Lodge, No, 9120; Alert Lodge, No. 5861 and the MGFF line up to await the hearse

The tragedy is that he was taken so quickly.

One Brother has stated that he had a very long telephone conversation with W Bro Albert only two days before the stroke.

A tribute came from the Secretary of PMK Lodge, who has called him a much loved and respected Brother.

He further added that, “honoured as a Provincial Grand Steward in 2006, promoted to Provincial Senior Grand Deacon in 2009 and again promoted to Past Provincial Grand Registrar in 2016, Albert was very committed to his Freemasonry and helping others.

Whether it was assisting at the Provincial AGM, Thanksgiving Service, or the MGFF, Albert was always visible and very active.

Subsequent Secretaries of the Prince Michael of Kent Lodge knew Albert was a brother that would always be one of the first to volunteer to be on duty.

His commitment to Freemasonry also manifested itself in supporting a Lodge which was falling upon hard times with reducing membership.

He joined Villiers Lodge, No. 1194 in 2006, the year he was appointed Provincial Grand Steward.

The APGM at the time was the late W Bro Clive Pigram PSGD PAPGM; membership at this time was dangerously low and as the result of the intervention of W Bro Clive a number of Active Stewards joined Villiers Lodge, including Albert, to boost numbers.

All of the joining Stewards left over a period of years with the exception of Albert, who stood the course and went on to become WM in 2009, 2012 and 2016.

No doubt others may wish to pay tribute in some way to W Bro Albert Monks.

He Lived Respected, And Died Regretted.

Albert in action as a member of the Middlesex Grand Family Fete Committee

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