2020 Festival Update: The End of The Festival Looms

At the recent Provincial Grand Officers Club, the Pro Provincial Grand Master/Grand Superintendent stated that the end date for The 2020 Festival would be the same date as the 150th Anniversary of Province, which is on 22nd January 2020.

As such, there is now only 14 months left of the Festival in which to donate to this wonderful cause and to achieve a level of honorific.

He also commented on the large value of funds residing in Lodge and Chapter Relief Chests, much of which should actually be with a charity, and asked that consideration was given to unlocking this money and moving it into the Festival Relief Chest.

See www.the2020festival.co.uk/donate/



At the same time he announced that plans were being put together to have one celebratory event to commemorate both the 150th Anniversary of the Province and the end of The 2020 Festival, probably at the end of March 2020. More details on this are to be provided in due course.

Given these announcements the Festival Committee urge you to make a last big effort to turn what has already been up to now a successful Festival, into one that makes our great Province shine as an example to the entire fraternity in the auspicious year of our Province’s 150th Anniversary.

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