The Shah Family’s Kilimanjaro Adventure – Raising Funds for The 2020 Festival – An Update



An update on the fund raising resulting from the  MMSA  - Shah Family's  Kilimanjaro Adventure  in July.

The donations keep coming in and as of this morning we have collectively raised £26,874.19 for

  • The 2020 Festival - £9,578.30
  • Mark Benevolent Fund £1,783.75
  • El Shaddai Child Rescue Charity - £14,482.14
  • Amani Children Home - £250

The donations have been verified by John Briggs .

Our aim was to raise £5,985, being the height of Mt Kilimanjaro in metres.

It has been suggested that we increase the target to £29,029, which is the height of Mt Everest in ft. !

We are confident that before long we should achieve that target.

Thank you and the Brethren for your kind support.

Sanjiv Shah

14th November 2017


It has been just over a week since Paras and I got back from Kilimanjaro .

A week when exhaustion has firmly set in and I just can’t seem to get enough sleep.

Sadly there were three bereavements added to my two busted toes.

Falgu arrives back from Kenya this evening and we fly to Philadelphia on Saturday to see her start her MBA Course at Wharton Business School... followed by a wedding and  reunion of old school friends in Oregon and finally some respite in Iceland before we get back in mid-August.

We take this opportunity to sincerely thank you all for your support with prayers that got us to the top of Africa and back down safely and for your generous giving which has raised a sum beyond our wildest imagination.... Late yesterday afternoon Total donations with Gift Aid went over £20,000 .... for the three great causes we are raising for ...

- El Shaddai Charitable  Trust – Child rescue in Goa

- Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys

- Middlesex Mark Benevolent Fund

Your generous and selfless giving for El Shaddai has enabled Veena House to be furnished in rapid time and the first batch of 14 boys arrived to their new home yesterday !!

The photos Anita sent speak volumes and like us you will feel the gratitude from these 14 lads who have a whole new life to look forward to.

It makes the joy of reaching Uhuru at 5895m even more satisfying !

Uhuru means Freedom and since seeing the photos yesterday ..... I just can’t stop associating Uhuru  with Freedom for these Boys !!

Please look at the page again for more photos and updates and of course any further giving will bring in more Boys off the Street to a NEW Home and life.

We are so lucky and blessed to know you wonderful people.

God bless you all and thank you so much from the Boys and Us

With our love and best wishes to you and your families

From an Exhausted but incredibly uplifted

Paras, Falgu and Sanjiv Shah

26th July 2017

Veena House 02
Veena House 01

Any individual, Lodge or Chapter can make a donation  to the Grand Charity Relief Chest E0180.

Ref: Kilimanjaro sms

All Donations will be added to the Individual/  Lodge/Chapter Honorifics

Individual donation to the

2020 Festival

Download a copy of Flyer HERE

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