Going Out with a Bang

Certainly 2020 will be a year to remember.

At any other time, it would have been marked by Initiations of sons by fathers, double initiations, 50 Year Certificates and Banner Dedications, together with various other masonic occasions, which would have kept the “news wheels” in motion.

However, it will be remembered for the superb efforts by Middlesex Brethren in raising well over £4 million in The 2020 Festival.

It will also be remembered for the huge disruption caused to our masonic life in relation to the ability to meet.

Despite this we showed our other selves: the compassionate and caring Freemason.

W Bro John Briggs, Provincial Charity Steward, in his letter to all the Craft Charity Stewards in the Province highlighted the end of year achievements, which have been reported in Mercury.

However, Chapter Companions have also been a part of this huge drive in our involvement with the homeless charities, foodbanks, hospitals, meals to the hungry and many other worthwhile causes which have received Masonic help during the year.

In particular, the work carried out by volunteers at Harrow and Uxbridge Centres has been an amazing achievement of resolve and commitment.

Despite the ravishes of Covid 19, we have shown our mettle in our ability to give and share with those less fortunate.

Hopefully, this New Year will allow us to continue what we do best in the community and the opportunity to return to the Temple and resume our Labours.

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