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Royal Arch Appointments and Promotions for 2020/21

I am pleased to announce the following senior Royal Arch re-appointments, appointments and promotions: –

• E. Comp. Martyn Patrick Farrell, PGSwdB, will retire from office as Deputy Grand Superintendent after a period of some 6 years of sterling service to the Royal Arch Province of Middlesex.

• E. Comp. John Louis Eynon, PGStB, the present 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, has been promoted to Deputy Grand Superintendent.

• E. Comp. Peter Michael De Wolfe, PGStB, at present one of the Assistants to the Provincial Grand Principals, has been appointed as 2nd Provincial Grand Principal.

• E. Comp. Michael Karn, PAGDC, has been re-appointed as 3rd Provincial Grand Principal.

• E. Comps. Christopher John Weeks, PAGDC, and Andrew Paul Elliott, PAGDC, have been re-appointed as Assistants to the Provincial Grand Principals.

• E. Comp. Robert Gordon King, PGStB, has been appointed as an Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals.

I am sure that you will wish to join me expressing our gratitude to E. Comp. Martyn Farrell for his outstanding service to the Royal Arch Province as Deputy Grand Superintendent during the past 6 years and wish him a long and happy retirement from office, and also congratulate all of the other above-named Companions on their preferment in Provincial Grand Chapter.

All the above appointments and re-appointments, together with the appointment of all other Active Provincial Grand Officers of the year and the First Appointments to, and Promotions in, Past Provincial Grand Rank, will take effect from Thursday 9th July 2020, which was the original date planned for the Annual Convocation of Provincial Grand Chapter.

As previously advised, provisionally the installation and/or investiture of all Provincial Grand Officers will now take place on either of the scaled-down Annual Convocation on be held on Monday 7th September 2020 or during the regular convocation on the Chapter of Air Unity No. 7445 to be held on 28th September 2020, both convocations will take place at Cole Court, Twickenham, as will be notified to you in due course. However, this is subject to the relaxation of any ongoing restrictions that may be imposed by the Government relating to the current coronavirus pandemic, that may enable the M.W. the Grand Master and M.E. First Grand Principal, HRH The Duke of Kent, KG, to lift the current suspension of all Lodge and Chapter meetings or convocations.

E. Comp. Peter R. A. Baker
M.E. Grand Superintendent in and over Middlesex

11th May 2020

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