The Travelling Pedestal Scheme - Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex

Developing an idea successfully operated by the Mark Province of Middlesex for the promotion of inter-Lodge visiting, and with the kind approval of the then Mark Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro Peter Halls-Dickerson, the Middlesex Royal Arch Executive introduced the ‘Travelling Pedestal’; the motivation behind which is to encourage Chapters with weaker membership to visit each other, thus increasing attendances and fostering a new sense of purpose and fellowship between Members of the respective Chapters.

In this Royal Arch Province, many of our Chapters receive few visitors, and seldom have contact with other Chapters and Centres.

The Travelling Pedestal will encourage our Members to remedy this situation by embracing the concept.

The Pedestal contains a scroll whereon each Chapter enters their name, and the names and ranks of those in the presenting party, and the date and recipients of the visit.

To underline the gravity of the event the hand over has its own short ritual.

Ideally, within six weeks the Pedestal is passed on to another Chapter, in a different Middlesex Centre.

The inaugural presentation was made at Cole Court, Twickenham to Quadratic Chapter on 24th May 2007 by a team from the Middlesex Executive, consisting of the Deputy Grand Superintendent and the Second and Third Provincial Grand Principals.

Since its inception, the Travelling Pedestal has visited 49 Chapters in the Province and has been accompanied by over 260 Companions across all the Centres.

This agenda item takes several minutes and fits easily into the programme for the meeting, whether it is Installation, Exaltation, or even a ‘chain’ visit.

At all of these meetings both the Companions bringing the Travelling Pedestal and those receiving it had the double enjoyment, first of working the small amount of ritual that goes with the transfer (which does not have to be learnt) and secondly taking the opportunity of extending the circle of their friends in the Province. The Travelling Pedestal has spent time in all of the Province’s five Centres.

The co-ordinator of the scheme, E.Comp Alan Peters PAGDC, AProvGP, actively guides the Pedestal through its travels by contacting Scribes directly to impart the good news that their Chapter is proposed as the next recipient.

In this way it is planned that next season more Chapters and, of course, more Companions will be involved in the –

Travelling Pedestal Experience

so that they can enjoy visiting other Chapters and Centres, thereby fostering the fellowship and friendship this Order should be promoting.

If your Chapter has not yet been approached to be a recipient of the Travelling Pedestal and you would like to be included in the 2014/15 Season please contact Alan Peters, via either the Provincial Office– – without delay, or directly at