Royal Arch Executive

The Royal Arch is an integral part of the Province and as such is presided over by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent Alastair Mason, and assisted by the Royal Arch Chapter Executive team.

Below you will find photo’s of the Provincial Royal Arch Executive Team.


E.Comp. Alastair G.D. Mason,
M.E. Grand Superintendent
(RA Photo Awaited)

E.Comp. Martyn P. Farrell PAGDC
Deputy Grand Superintendent
(Updated Photo Awaited)

E.Comp. John Culling PAGDC
Second Provincial Grand Principal,
(Photo Awaited)

E.Comp. Paul J. Huggins PAGDC
Third Provincial Grand Principal

E.Comp. Anthony L. Jones PAGDC
Provincial Grand Scribe E

E.Comp. Brian J. Fisher PGStB
Provincial Grand Treasurer

E.Comp. Nigel A. Codron PGStB
Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies