The PMK Chapter 9120 - Support Team - Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex

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How many RA Chapters are regularly complaining that:

• they are struggling to find candidates for Exaltation?
• their numbers are shrinking?
• they can’t always fill all the offices for a Convocation?
• they don’t have anyone available to step in at short notice to make up the numbers?
• they have no ceremonial work to perform?

Prince Michael of Kent Chapter, No. 9120 is the Provincial Stewards’ Chapter and it hosts the Chapter Support and Demonstration Team, the sole purpose of which is to provide support to Chapters who are struggling with the issues listed above. The team will find members who will occupy offices, help with ceremonies, even just provide members to swell the numbers of those present at a Convocation.

The team can also provide demonstrations of ceremonial work. This could be:

• simply demonstrating the Exaltation Ceremony in the Permitted Alternative Version approved by Supreme Grand Chapter;

• delivering one or more of the Exaltation ceremony lectures;

• providing a special demonstration.

Special demonstrations can include The Lecture of the Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch (first published in 1911). This is structured around the Traditional Version of the Symbolical Lecture and the Ensigns on the Staves and is delivered in catechistical form.

The team performs this from memory and will usually enlist the service of the MEZ of the Chapter to ask the questions (for which he is provided with a script).

Ideally and in order to spread the workload a team of six is involved plus a team leader, so the Chapter also benefits from seven additional bodies in the temple and at the festive board. The team members all pay for their dinners.

A smaller team can also present a description of the Jewel of the Order, again from memory.

Despite the stories we all hear about Chapters struggling to find something of interest for the Convocations where they have no ceremony, or simply having problems filling offices for a Convocation, the Chapter Support and Demonstration Team receives very few requests for assistance.

This is a call to all Scribes E, DCs and Chapter Principals to think about seeking the help of the team.

The team leader is E Comp David Pearson who is contactable by telephone (020 8863 7291), or email

Get in touch and see what the Chapter Support and Demonstration Team can offer.