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The Middlesex Sports Association is perhaps best known to many in the Province via the annual circulation of the MMSA Membership cards. Most Middlesex Freemasons can go to a draw in their house and find a MMSA Card, with a growing number able to open up the wallet and find them.

The MMSA has been going from strength to strength in recent years with more sports being played than ever and a growing following of older and younger brethren alike.

The MMSA was instituted by R.W. Bro. Norman Moore in the 1950s. Many have speculated that the idea came from various challenge sports matches at the time, including cricket matches with representatives from the then Royal Masonic Boy’s School Team. Cricket was certainly one of the earlier sports, but the MMSA quickly grew to encompass Angling, Bowls, Bridge, Golf. In more recent years Clay shooting become a popular sports. Over the last 2 years the number of sports which rank under the banner of the MMSA has also grown to Football, Sailing and Cycling.

The early growth and success of the MMSA has been attributed by many to the sterling work of the late W.Bro. Walter Lowe, coupled with W. Bro. Don Brown. Their tireless efforts have been continued by the current President, Chairman and Secretary.

Fundamental to the MMSA is the substantial monies that have been raised by freemasons enjoying their sports and through sponsorship events. The MMSA has now raised over £300,000 for various charities. The work for charities continues as does the fun enjoyed by the over 5000 members. If you are a Middlesex Member, you are also a member of the of MMSA. Enjoy it and use it.

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