2020 Fundraising Event – Bottoms Up ! – An 8 Day Climb Up Mount Kilimanjaro

December 3, 2016
2020 Fundraising Event – Bottoms Up ! – An 8 Day Climb Up Mount Kilimanjaro

February 18th, 2017

Brethren, please support this worthy cause…..many thanks…!


“Bottoms Up !” is the name of the campaign we are running at our company WELL (Worldwide Energy Logistics Ltd ( www.well.uk.com )) to raise valuable funds for the 2020 Festival, commencing with a tilt at Kilimanjaro in early 2017.

WELL is covering all the base costs of the climb (travel, permits and gear etc.) therefore…. everything you donate will go to the charity…!

Sevinc and Martin Burt will head out in February for an attempt at reaching the ceiling of Africa, Uhuru Peak measuring 5895 metres above sea level… the summit of Kilimanjaro, not just a physically demanding challenge, but one where AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) presents a significant barrier to success.

This is a 7-8 day climb, primarily due to the need for aclimatisation and temperatures can get as low as -25 degrees near the summit.

Whilst reaching the summit is not guaranteed, what is assured is that we will give it our best shot and make every penny count.


I know times are hard but please dig deep and donate what you can, do something amazing to alleviate poverty as well as supporting many other worthy causes…..!!

If any of you would like to get some marketing exposure for your companies, we will be delighted to arrange some photographs with logos/flags in return for corporate donations..!!


Additionally, if you can spare a couple of minutes of your time to encourage others to donate, please do that too….!!!


If however you never see me again, then you’ll know the missus has pushed me off…….!!!

Many thanks in advance…..!
Martin Burt ProvJGD
Osterley Lodge, No. 6430
Email: martin.burt@well.uk.com